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Minecraft is a widely popular game all around the globe. It’s a favorite for many streamers. Because of the gameplay itself. Although, the genre is sandbox video games. You can unleash all your creativity into the game. Some top female streamers play the game. Genre: Open world, sandbox, survival, adventure Developed by Mojang Studios


Career of JustaMinx JustaMinx started her Twitch journey in 2016. She mostly posted her solo or duet vocal covers on Twitch at the beginning. Minx often chats with her followers on Twitch. However, she gained many followers within a short period of time. Sometimes, Minx loves to cosplay her favorite themes and characters. After that, […]

Anisa Jomha

Career of Anisa Jomha Anisa Jomha started her career by playing League of Legends in 2014. Moreover, she uploaded her gameplay video on YouTube. Anisa is popular for her podcast streams. She talks about various subjects on her podcasts. Her Twitch journey began on 21 September 2014.  She used the user name ‘Raihnbowkidz’ at the […]


Career of Ludwig Ludwig introduced to video games in his childhood. He discovered his love for entertaining people at his 5th grade and started with storytelling in extracurricular activities. His classmates encouraged him to join the drama club of the school. Moreover, Ludwig performed in some stage drama at his school. Then, he created his […]


Quin69 is a gaming streamer on twitch. He has been streaming on twitch since 2014. Currently he has got over 552k followers on twitch. He is a twitch partner and a pretty famous streamer as well. His real name is Quintin Crawford. Apart from gaming he is trained in skydiving. History of Quin69 Quintin was […]