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Best PS4 gaming setup in 2021

ps4 gaming setup

Gaming on the console is a lot different than gaming on a desktop. There are many differences that go into slight details in the performances of these two mediums of gaming. And the feud between console gaming and pc gaming is never-ending.

However, in the case of PlayStation, the scenario is a bit different. Because they have their exclusive games that you can’t play on any other device properly. And the games are supposedly quite good as well. So, if you are planning to make your own PS4 gaming setup then we can help you with that. Top twitch streamers recommended some PS4 gaming setup for streaming.

Here we discuss the best gaming setup for a PS4 console. Let’s get into it right away.

PS4 gaming setup

We put together the necessary items that you will need to have a good gaming experience. And you might already have some of them if you are a gamer.

Ps4 Pro
Ps4 Pro

#1.The console

Well, the first thing you will need for your console gaming setup is a PS4. But the question is which one should you go for. As there are different versions of PS4 out there.

PS4 Pro is the best thing you can get for your gaming setup. There is no denying the fact that it has got many superior specifications to the generic PS4 base model. It has got 1TB of storage space for storing a lot of games at the same time. For the processing power, you get 8GB of ram inside the console.

Now coming to the exterior PS4 pro looks far better than the base model of PS4. It’s much slimmer than that. So, it wouldn’t take up much space in your gaming setup at all. However, if you are really short on space then you can get the PS4 slim.

Considering all factors PS4 pro would be the best choice to go with. Whether it’s for looks and built or for performance, PS4 pro fulfills your needs.

Acer Nitro
Acer Nitro

#2.The monitor

Using television is a popular medium of a console gaming setup. Even though television has a bigger screen, it won’t provide you the best gaming experience. To get the best gaming experience you will need to rely on a gaming monitor and there is no way around that.

For PS4 gaming Acer Nitro XV273 is a great option to go with. It definitely enhances your gaming experience on a PS4. It has got the best color profiles that give the display and graphics of the game a new edge. And the resolution of the monitor is 1080p which is something you must have for a better gaming experience.

Aside from that, the monitor gives you a refresh rate of 240Hz which more than you could ask for. The response time of this one is 60Hz. This works as a great advantage for any FPS games on your console. With all these things you can have the smoothest gaming experience from your setup.

However, it’s a bit pricey. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the monitor then you can go for a more affordable option. A good alternative with a lower price tag would be the ASUS VG279Q. It’s within budget and great in performance.

NACON Controller Esports Revolution
NACON Controller Esports Revolution


Even though you get a controller with your PS4 console, you can go for an additional one. Some controllers out there come with added functionality and convenience than the generic controller you get.

One of the best controllers for your PS4 setup would be the version 3 revolution unlimited pro controller by Nacon. For the added features you get a lot of customizing options on this one.

You can adjust the weight of the controller by adding or removing weights. It’s a great way to set up your controller for different styles of gameplay. Also, the joysticks on this one are removable. So, you can get rid of them whenever you need to.

Lastly you can reprogram the back buttons of the controller as well. All in all, you can set this controller to your own playing style for better performance. It’s much better than the stock controller for PS4.

However, if you are not into heavy gaming then you can skip this one too. Go for this one if you are specifically building a gaming setup dedicated to PS4.


#4. Headphones

For the complete gaming experience, you must have a gaming headset for the audio. Because the sound dynamics of modern games so developed that your gameplay can depend on it. That’s why you will need a gaming headset for your PS4 setup.

The best gaming headset for PS4 setup would be the NUBWO G06. The first thing to consider on this one is the wireless connectivity. For a PS4 setup it’s essential to have as minimum wire as possible. Aside from that it comes with a lot of other features.

It is capable of providing you with 3D audio environment which will give you a better experience all over. You get to experience all the sound details from this one, thanks to the 50 mm double chamber drivers. The wireless connectivity doesn’t have any lag either.

If you are into a multiplayer game then you can communicate with your team using the crystal-clear mic quality of this one. As it has got a noise-canceling mic you can experience good communication.

Lastly, it comes with extreme comfort which helps you a lot in long hours of gaming. Also, you can adjust the headband to your liking.

Overall, this is the best gaming headset you can get for your PS4 setup. And not just for PS4 it works great with PC and other consoles too.

Seagate STHN2000400 Backup Plus Slim 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD
Seagate STHN2000400 Backup Plus Slim 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD

#5. External Hard Drive

Previously we said that the PS4 pro comes with a 1TB of storage space. Now, for usual gamers that would be more than enough space to sustain. But if you are a heavy gamer and PS4 is your dedicated gaming setup then you will need an external HDD.

Well, with these kinds of things you would never want to compromise with the quality. Considering that we chose the best HDD you can possibly get for your setup. It’s the Seagate 2TB external hard drive. In fact, this one is licensed for using with a PS4 setup.

One perk of using this is obviously the 2TB of storage space. Besides that, you get to experience lag-free gaming and plug-and-play features. You can just store your games on the hard drive, plug it in when you want to play the games.

The hard drive doesn’t occupy any extra space on your setup. So, it’s a great and convenient way to complete your gaming setup for heavy gaming.

So, if you are into heavy gaming and creating a dedicated gaming setup revolving around a PS4 then you will need these things. These are some must-have items for that. You can skip some if it’s an additional gaming setup for you.

There are some other things that you can add to make the setup a bit better. They aren’t necessary but they can surely add some value to your whole setup.

Vr headset
VR headset

#6. The PS4 VR headset

Well, you know what you can do with this thing. Having a VR headset will unlock a whole new dimension of gaming for you. You can literally get inside a game when you have got this one in your gaming setup. The VR headset comes with a 1080p resolution display with a 120FPS setting which gives you smooth and real-life vibes inside the games you play. This thing will definitely be worth your money once you experience the dynamics of it.

LED light strips
LED light strips

#7. LED strip lights

When you have some different lighting around your room the mood surely changes. You can create a different kind of mood by adding some lights to your setup. Many gamers and streamers do this to create an aesthetic vibe in their room. It not only makes the setup look good it affects you mentally as well. You can find various led strip lights that you can control with your smartphone. Get one of them to create a whole gaming setup.

Gaming Chair
Gaming Chair

#8. Gaming chair

A gaming chair is a must-have item for a PC gaming setup. But for a PS4 setup, it’s not that essential. As you can play console games while laying on your bed or couch. However, if you are playing any kind of competitive game you can do that while being so relaxed. For such purposes, it’s great to have a gaming chair. Also, having a gaming chair is essential for long hours of gaming because they provide comfort all the time.

Once again these are some additional items that you can get for your setup. They can surely enhance the experience of gaming for you.


There you go we gave you a walkthrough for the best PS4 gaming setup out there. You can go for other products if you want, we just shared the best ones with you. But for a complete setup and better experience in gaming you will need the best components for sure.

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