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Privacy Policy


These are some policies regarding your privacy on our website. Before you proceed to using our website, we suggest you give it a read.


We are basically working as informants of Twitch streamers. We bring you all kinds of information regarding twitch streamers. Our website http://besttwitchstreamers.com makes sure to keep all the information legitimate and helpful.

The Personal Information we collect through comments

Whenever you leave a comment on our site, we collect that significant information. Along with that we collect your IP address and your browser information. We need this to make sure there are no spam on the comments.


When you upload any image to the website make sure there is no location data included. We can’t give you the security of that. Other users can get your location from those images. So, be careful of uploading images that have locations encoded.


Cookies are some temporary information we get from your usage of our website. These are some files that are put into your hard drive to give you better experience in the website. 

We do this to ensure better service for you. Whenever you use our website for your purposes you will find it much more convenient with cookies enabled. We ask for your permission before enabling cookies for you. You can always decline it’s completely up to you.

Third party contents

Whatever content we have on our site may have some embedded content. Such as videos, articles, images, profiles etc. When you use or go through those contents it’s not our responsibility anymore. You will need to go through their policies of keeping up with your privacy. We give you the information we deem necessary.


You can sign up on our website to your own free will. It’s not necessary to sign up. But you will be deprived of some features from our website. When you sign up with your email you automatically agree to receive our newsletters and marketing campaigns. You can easily opt out from getting these newsletters anytime you want. With the newsletters you can stay updated with us.


We have Google Analytics alongside some other third-party vendors working with us. We use these services to make find out the different online activities and popularity of significant contents. We use your information of using our site and may share it with them. So, you can check the google analytics privacy policy to make sure you are okay with giving your certain information.

Sharing your information

We have no partnering organizations. Hence, we don’t share your information with anyone else. So, you can be rest assured of that.

How we manage your data

We usually keep all of your data as long as your account exists. When you register on our website, we keep your personal information such as your name, username and email. We also keep your comments and their metadata for infinite time. These are some necessity from our side.

Although our administration panel can choose to delete your data anytime, they want. They can also edit and modify your data as well. So, when you are using our website you already agree to these.

Your rights on your information

You can edit, remove or delete any kind of information you have provided to us. You can request for the various kind of information you provide on our website as well. We are obliged to give you a copy of your information such as your comments and your personal information. However, you can’t change or modify your username on the website once you have set up.