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Anisa Jomha


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I'm Anisa, I am a 27-year-old League of Legends player and semi-successful streamer, hope to see you in chat!

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Anisa Jomha







Alberta, Canada.

Career of Anisa Jomha

Anisa Jomha started her career by playing League of Legends in 2014. Moreover, she uploaded her gameplay video on YouTube. Anisa is popular for her podcast streams. She talks about various subjects on her podcasts. Her Twitch journey began on 21 September 2014.  She used the user name ‘Raihnbowkidz’ at the beginning. Then, she changed the user name to her real name.

Hence, Anisa displays her cleavage on the live stream. She is one of the sexiest Twitch streamers. Once Anisa declared selling her images to some adult websites. Furthermore, she posted funny videos, challenges, blogs, and gameplay. Like many adult streamers, Anisa also rumored with several controversies. Anisa is popular among the YouTubers for her vlogs and gaming streams. She always worked on her gaming skills.

Anisa engaged the followers and subscribers with her unique and vibrant appearance. She got the tag ‘boobie streamer’ for wearing revealing dresses. However, her mother is quite responsive about her streaming. Anisa got trolled and bullied for her appearance. Thus, she was banned from Twitch for some time. Anisa handled the criticism with her calm behavior. She is partnered with Twitch. Anisa collaborated with some renowned brands.

Real life of Anisa Jomha

Anisa studied B.Ed. degree of fine and studio art at the University of Alberta. Moreover, she has an elder brother and a younger sister. Anisa brought up in a mixed heritage family. Her father was treated with Alzheimer’s disease. Once she tweeted about her father was missing in 2019. One of her fans helped her to found him. She is close to her parents and siblings.

Anisa is dating another fellow streamer idubbbz as known as Ian Carter. They both are popular for their relationships on social media. Ian always supported Anisa regarding everything. Their relationship is different from many people on social media platforms.


Anisa began playing with League of Legends. Then, she streamed PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, IRL, Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Slay the Spire, Pokémon Sword, Overwatch, Minecraft, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Monster Hunter: World, and more games. She often chats with her fans on Twitch.


Anisa has 184 average viewers and 2,221 peak viewers on Twitch.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $2 million. She earns from Twitch cheer bits, donations, sponsorships, advertisements, brand promotions, and YouTube monetization.

Streaming hours

Monday- 1 pm.
Tuesday- 1 pm.
Wednesday- off.
Thursday- 1 pm.
Friday- 6 pm.
Saturday- 6 pm.
Sunday- off.


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