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Former pro player taking a break to show the ropes to everyone! Come and ask away, ill be sure to answer. @imaqtpielol

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Team Dignitas    Delta Fox   




Margate, Florida, United States




League of Legends    Genshin Impact    VALORANT    Path of Exile   

Story of Imaqtpie

Imaqtpie played video games most of the time in his Teenage. Thus, he was always passionate about gaming. His name ‘Imaqtpie’ means I am a cutie pie, comes from his mother calling him cute. Imaqtpie started to play League of Legend after some days of its release. Moreover, he used to participate in native tournaments. Imaqtpie collaborated with the team ‘Oh God Bears’.

Some gamers noticed him play. One of them appointed him as ADC (Attack Damage Carry) on behalf of the team “Rock Solid” in 2011. His team attended the National ESL Premier League 2011. Later; he joined eSports Team Dignitas at the age of 19 to start his professional career. Imaqtpie played for the team till 2015. Then he moved into Delta Fox. Imaqtpie is one of the top male Twitch streamers. Imaqtpie is also a former bot laner of Meme Stream Dream Team.

Furthermore, his streaming career is successful. He is a professional League of Legends player. Imaqtpie listed on the most followed Twitch channels. Imaqpie has the dominant presence in Twitch and other social media as well. However, his YouTube channel has 1.61M subscribers. Imaqtpie engages his audience with humorous behavior.

Personal Information of Imaqtpie

Michael Santana lives in California in the United States. Although, he born in a middle-class family in Florida. Michael chose his streaming in 2011. He loves gaming and accepts new challenges. Michael is famous for his mid-long hair and eyeglasses.

Michael got married to Lisha Wei back then 2018. Lisha Wei is also a gamer and known for her Twitch alias titled Owolisha with 30k followers. They got to know each other through a dating platform app. Michael stated that they are separated now as of 2020.

Moreover, Michael got fame at a young age. He works hard to pursue a successful life. His followers and subscribers appreciate his efforts. Michael loves rap music. Thus, he is a prankster and meme lover.

Games of Imaqtpie

Imqtpie streams for various games. He started his gaming and streaming career with League of Legends. Imqtpie played with different League of Legends teams so far. However, he also streams for other games like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Black Desert Online, Genshin Impact,VALORANT, Path of Exile, Counter-Strike: Global Offence, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Stats of Imaqtpie

Imaqtpie has 1080 Twitch subscribers in total. His average viewership is 2,908 and his peak viewership of 5,678 with 337,125,175 views. Usually, he streams for 44 hours a week.


His annual income from Twitch is around $328,800 USD excluding YouTube or Facebook monetization revenue, and brand collaborations. The estimated net worth is approximately $2 million USD as of 2021. Thus, he earns almost $8000 in a month for streaming.


Rankings in 2011

  • 1st: IGN Pro League Season 3.
  • 3rd: MLG Pro Circuit 2011- Providence.

Rankings in 2012

  • 3rd: IEM Season VI- Kiev.
  • 2nd: IEM Season VI- World Championship.
  • 3rd: IGN Pro League Season 4.
  • 3rd: MLG Pro Circuit 2012- Anaheim.
  • 2nd: Season 2 Regional Finals- North America.
  • 11-12th: Season 2 World Championship.

Rankings in 2013

  • 4th: NA LCS Summer 2013.

Rankings in 2018

  • 3rd: Gift the Rift 2018


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