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Hey I'm hafu; I'm 29 and currently live in Fort Worth, Texas! I stream full time. I'm Chinese; I can speak and understand Mandarin but can't really read it. I've been playing games since I was 14 and been hooked ever since. I'm streaming mostly Among Us and a bunch of other things!

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G2 Esports   




Newton, Massachusetts, United States.




World of Warcraft    Hearthstone    Teamfight Tactics    Among Us   

Story of ItsHafu

ItsHafu discovered gaming with the help of her high school friends. She was introduced to the online roleplaying game World of Warcraft. ItsHafu dropped her school twice due to her passion for streaming. Thus, she improved her gaming skills to be a professional gamer. ItsHafu used to compete with her friends to nurture her gaming skills. However, she was boosting for other teams too. Therefore,  Hafu appeared in Legends of Gaming of a Dutch-based media company then Smasher (now Endemol) 

Furthermore, she came to know about Twitch. Hafu was feeling shy to appear in the online community. Thus, she began with streaming and chose to be a full-time streamer. Then, she appointed as a Teamfight Tactics streamer in G2 Esports. Hafu won several remarkable championships. Consequently, she is also popular for playing chess. Hafu collaborates with brand sponsorships and social media influencers. However, she raises her voice against sexual harassment in live streaming.

ItsHafu uploaded game plays with her friends in September 2020. Yet, she engaged her audience with her nice and pleasant attitude. ItsHafu is one of the top female Twitch streamers. She has also gained the second most viewed female Twitch streamers and partnered with Twitch. However, Hafu is nominated for the Shorty Awards. She loves her gaming and streaming career and motivates other female gamers to stream.

Personal Information of ItsHafu

Rumay Wang is of China origin and can understand Mandarin. She never shared anything about her parents and other family members on any public platform. Rumay loves to play chess and other PC games. Yet, she studied at Bentley University. However, her best friend aka then-boyfriend showed her role-playing online games. Rumay got interested in gaming and started to play various games.

At one point, she dropped her education and tied up herself in the gaming world. Rumay is a hardworking and passionate young woman with bigger dreams. She is quite open about her relationships. Rumay engaged to her boyfriend David Caero in December of 2019. Thus, She is concern about online sexual harassment. Rumay faced awful sexual harassment online at the age of 17. Thus, she sorted her life at an early age with her right career choice.


ItsHafu started gaming by playing World of Warcraft. However,  she played several interesting games like Teamfight Tactics, Chess, Hearthstone, Monster Train, Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, and Griftlands, etc. Moreover, Hafu moved to Among Us in 2020. Moreover,  she is playing really well with her friends.


Her subscribers count is 5,021. ItsHafu has 18,199 peak viewers and 10,331 average Viewers with 107,308,551 views.However,  she informs about her weekly streaming hour on her Twitch account.

Income & Net worth of ItsHafu

Hafu earns $12,500 USD monthly only from a Twitch subscription. Furthermore, Twitch Affiliates, tips, ads, donations, brand sponsorships, and YouTube monetization added more to her monthly income. Thus, her estimated net worth is approximately $2.5 million USD.


  • Ranked 1st at the MLG Orlando in 2008.
  • Won 1st prize at MLG Dallas in 2008.
  • Ranked 1st at NA Blizzard Regionals in 2008.
  • Won the championship at Pogchamps final.

Weekly Streaming Schedule

Sunday 10:30 PM – 4:30 AM

Monday Unknown

Tuesday 11 PM – 5:30 AM

Wednesday 10 PM – 4:30 AM

Thursday Unknown

Friday 10:30 PM – 4 AM

Saturday 10 PM – 4 AM



“I love gaming. The idea of doing it full-time — I thought was just a dream. And I already lived that dream when I was 17, traveling the world and winning tournaments.”

 “My parents were really strict. I grew up to be everything they didn’t want. They wanted me to study really hard because that’s how they found success. Instead of studying, I just played games all day.”


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