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Welcome to my Channel! To get to know me check out one of my live streams, YouTube videos or social media @KittyPlays!

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Vancouver, Canada.

Story of KittyPlays

KittyPlays started to play video games at the age of 22. Thus, her brother used to watch HuntCast videos on Twitch. She also joined him and started to watch HuntCast. She used to watch streams of Dexus at the beginning. Moving on, KittyPlays noticed a female streamer. She came to know that entertainers can also stream on Twitch.

KittyPlays found out LegendaryLea after a while. Then, she planned to open a Twitch account of her own and entered into the gaming world. That’s what she wanted to do. Kitty plays researched more about Twitch. After leaving her job, she realized Twitch streaming can be a great option for her.

Her brother let her play video games on the desktop in her parent’s basement. Then, KittyPlays worked hard and gave her energetic streams to her subscribers and followers. However, she managed to engage more viewers and followers. Kittyplays became one of the top female Twitch streamers over time. Moreover, she got partnered with Twitch. Kittyplays produced and hosted an interview show with other gamers. Her YouTube channel has 612K subscribers. Thus, she also shares her vlogs of traveling, supercar riding, cooking, and daily life as well. She is quite famous for her impersonation of Dita Von Teese.

Personal Information of KittyPlays

Kristen is an enthusiastic Twitch streamer. Kristen studied at a university in Canada, wanted to be a surgeon. But, she chose to be a streamer over the surgeon. Her father and brother inspired her to work hard. Her mother is also supportive. Although, she has a sister. Kristen is fond of gaming, cooking, traveling, dogs, and racing cars.  However, she has a Great Dane breed dog named Yuri.

She is always open about her relationship. Kristen is in a relationship with Luke Przybylski. They both are happy together. Thus, she often shares their pictures on Instagram. Kristen faced some rumors and controversies over time. But she handled every criticism with her fun-loving and enthusiastic presence on Twitch.

Games of KittyPlays

KittyPlays is famous for playing Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.  However, she streams for a variety of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offence, VALORANT, IRL, Just Chatting, Call of Duty: Warzone, Overwatch, and Among Us, etc.

Stats of KittyPlays

Kittyplays has an average viewership of 349 and the highest viewership of 1,914. Moreover, she got 1,013 peak viewers with 144,959 views and streams for 76 hours monthly.


The estimated net worth of KittyPlays is $300,000 USD.  Moreover, she earns from the Twitch collaborations, tips, subscribers, ad revenues, and YouTube monetization.


  • Nominated for Shorty Awards 2021.


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