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Season 6 Challenger | Most REFORMED Player NA | #1 Draven World

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Missouri, United States




League of Legends   

Story of Loltyler1

Loltyler1 is fascinated with video games and other sports from an early age. He was a player on his University football team. Loltyler1 came to know about Twitch streaming. He started to stream on Twitch. Thus, Tyler nurtured his gaming skills to stream professionally.

Moreover, he placed 14 on the North American ‘League of Legends ladder. Tyler is popular for his toxic attitude on Twitch. He is even titled as ‘The Most Toxic Player’ of the North America League of Legends community. However, Tyler abused and threatened his fellow streamers during his streams. Riot Games even banned him on 22 counts for indifferent behavior at the end of 2016.

Riot Games mailed Tyler regarding his ban in late 2017 and unbanned him. Tyler came back to stream League of Legends again on 8th January of 2018. Nevertheless, he was quite addicted to League of Legends. A South Korean esports team called T1 appointed him as a content creator.

Furthermore, Tyler hosted an online tournament titled Tyler1 Championship Series. The tournament was a parody of the League of Legends Championship Series. Professional players viewed the tournament. Tyler has a sales merchandise loltyler1.com. His YouTube channel has 2.57 million subscribers. He is one of the top male Twitch streamers

Personal Information of Loltyler1

Tyler never shared about his childhood. He is playing football since his school days and had been an active player on the University football team. Moreover, Tyler studied Computer Science at Central Methodist University. He chose his streaming career over his study. Tyler is of African-American origin.

However, Tyler has a younger brother called Eric. Eric is also a Twitch streamer and owns his channel erobb221. Tyler has a cat in his house. Moreover, he is quite open about his relationship status on social media. His girlfriend Macaiyla ( is also a Twitch streamer. They often stream together and share their views.


Loltyler1 began his streaming career by playing League of Legends. Thus, he moved to PlayersUnknowns Battleground after getting banned from Riot Games. Later, Tyler also streams IRL, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, H1Z1: Battle Royale, Overwatch, Arma 3, Dark Souls III, God of War Collection, Undertale, and more games.


Loltyler has 18319 total subscribers with 15266 shared and 3053 none shared subscribers and 2054 gifted subscribers as of 18 January 2021. His peak viewership is 56,580 and his average viewership is 32,468 with 1,853,381 views. Nevertheless, he streams for 57 hours weekly.

Income & Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Loltyler1 is $4.3 million USD. Hence, he makes $37,500 USD monthly. His Twitch affiliates, tips, donations, YouTube monetization added to his monthly income.

Streaming Hours

  • Mondays – Fridays: ~20:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • Saturday – Sunday: No streams


  • Ranked 2nd in the NA LCS 2018 Summer Playoffs Streamer Show match.


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