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"The streamer to watch when no one else is live...." - Thomas Jefferson

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Story of Loserfruit

Loserfruit began her career as a gamer and streamer at the age of 20. Although she started to stream on YouTube playing Overwatch and Fortnite at the beginning of 24th March of 2013. Thus, Loserfruit got fame within a short period of time. She is one of the top female Twitch streamers.

However, she owns four different YouTube channels and is a professional Fortnite player on Twitch. Her second channel Lufu also popular for the contents of living in the Australian YouTube group Click House. Moreover, she also uploads her traveling and prank content as well. Her third channel ‘Lufuplays’ is full of informative gaming content. She comes up with her new podcast YouTube channel named ‘All In’ in 2020. Here, she collaborates with her fellow content creator Crayate.

Her follower base is wonderful and strong. No wonder, she is multi-talented and owns her official website LUFU where she sells T-shirts, hats, shocks, and other products as well. However, she plays as a voice artist on a web series named ‘Meta Runner’. Loserfruit is sponsored by the famous cosmetics company called Elf and the fitness apparel brand Gymshark.

Personal Information of Loserfruit

Kathleen is a professional Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. Her life is quite interesting. She loves traveling. Kathleen is an intelligent woman with humor.

Moreover, she was dating her fellow group member Marcus from Click House since late October of 2017. Sadly, they broke up their relationship as of August 2020. That’s why; she decided to leave Click House.

Kathleen is always open up about relationships and break up. Thus, she shared a deep connection with Marcus for a pretty long time. Loserfruit hosted a long stream to gather some donations for the Australian bushfire relief effort.

Games of Loserfruit

Though, Loserfruit started her gaming career playing Overwatch and Fortnite. Later, she played various games like League of Legends; Minecraft, etc. Loserfruit competed in the inaugural Fortnite Summer Smash tournament. Moreover, she is associates with Prestige Clips, LazerBeam, Muselk, Craytor, Tanner, Mully, and Bazza Gazza. Her Fortnite skin was added to the game on June 13. Moreover, she is the second content creator who collaborates with BR game and received her own Fortnite skin of Fortnite Icon Series after Ninja.

Stats of LoserFruit

Loserfruit has 2087 subscribers on Twitch and 2,940,000 subscribers on YouTube. Thus, she has an average viewership of 2,832 viewers and 82,764 highest viewers according to Twitchstats. She streams for around 177 hours live in a month.


Loserfruit earns $5,750 USD monthly excluding her additional income of subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer donations, advertisements, YouTube revenues, and collaborations. Although, the estimated net worth of Loserfruit is $1.1 million USD.


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