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FPS / Variety Streamer. Former Fortnite Pro. Vibe Specialist. Keep believing.

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Dearborn, Michigan.

Career of Myth

Myth as known as Ali Kabbani started to play video games along with his brothers since his early childhood. He got to know about Halo: Combat Evolved through his brothers. Later, his brother-in-law gave him a separate Xbox live account at the age of ten. They used to play together sharing a split screens. With the passing time, his brother-in-law was amazed at his impressive gaming skill. Then, he familiarized him with MPOL gaming and included him on his Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 team.

Nevertheless, his first gaming user name was ‘Leprechauns Myth’. When he played Call of Duty, he was a team member of ‘Leprechauns’. Team members called each other ‘Leprechauns X’. So, he came up with the idea of his name and changed it to ‘TSM_Myth’  and ‘Myth’ later. Moreover, he was occupied with League of Legends in his high school days. Myth continued his obsession with League of Legends for four years. He used to follow the videos of Snapdragon to improvise his gaming techniques of League of Legends in 2013.

Myth became an admirer of Team SoloMid by watching the videos of Snapdragon and Soaryn. Moreover, he was encouraged to start his streaming career. After deciding to pursue his full-time gaming and streaming career, he talked to his family.  His parents accepted his decision and observed his growing career after his graduation from high school.

However, he began his journey to professional streaming playing Paragon in mid-2016. Then he moved to Fortnite in 2017 after its release. Myth rose to fame through his top-level shooting and editing skills. Somehow, he was gaining attention and enhancing followers. Myth joined his dream team ‘TeamSoloMid’ in 2018 and getting more subscribers and followers. Thus, he switched to their team house in a short period of time.

Myth was a captain of TeamSoloMid’s Fortnite team at the age of 19 in 2018. He was also played as a team leader of TeamSoloMid in VALORANT in the Twitch Rivals series. Myth took part in the Ninja Vegas Tournament in 2018. However, he engaged his audience with his excellent gaming skills and always nurtured his gaming passion. Myth collaborated with Ninja, Pokimane, and Summit1g.

Real-life   of Myth

Myth is one of the top male Twitch streamers. However, his private life is not open to all. His gaming journey was started with the support of his brothers and brother-in-law. Later, his parents also supported him. Kabbani has three sisters and three brothers. Moreover, he is attached to his family the most. Kabbani loves to play games and exercise. He is quite conscious about his fitness and health. Kabbani has dark brown eyes and drops fade hairstyle with black hair.


Myth usually started professional gaming with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Then he played League of Legends, Paragon, and Fortnite. Moreover, Myth streams various games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Rust, Among Us, Minecraft, Apex Legends, HyperSpace, Overwatch, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, IRL, and Chess.


Myth has 9,436 average viewers and 164,817 peak viewers on Twitch. He also has 3,038 Twitch subscribers and around 4.62 million subscribers with 331 million on YouTube.

Income and Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Myth is $3.5 million. However, he earns approximately $15,200 USD monthly without the revenues of tiered subscriptions, competition tournament winnings, Twitch cheer bit, tips, sponsorships, and advertisements.

Streaming hours

Sunday – Saturday: 17:00/18:00 – 07:00 SAST

Fridays: 21:00 – 03:00 SAST


Biggest mistake I think people make when they first start off playing is when they try to play for the win. What you want to aim for is just getting in as many engagements as possible and learn from your mistakes.

The way that I think is the best way to [start streaming] is to… integrate yourself within the community of the game that you’re trying to play, as much as you can without… doing it wrong. Like, don’t go to these streams and link this and link that or try to put your content in places that it obviously doesn’t belong just to get a click or two. Try to come up with ways to make people care about your content and, you know, put you face in the game in a sense.


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