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Professional Pog Farmer.

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Dearborn, Michigan




League of Legends    Among Us    Cyberpunk 2077    Bloons TD 6    Phasmophobia    Just Chatting    Goat Simulator   

Story of Nightblue3

NightBlue3 started his career in the streaming platform at an early age. Although, he got fame on different social media and joined the professional team Siren A as a streamer in 2013 for a while. Moreover, his followers always keep tracking his social media accounts to get more information about him. He didn’t begin with eSports for professional streaming like other successful streamers.

Thus, Nightblue3 is a professional League of Legends player and engages his audience with humorous and informative gaming content. Later, he switched into the Team SoloMid in 2014. He ranked 4th in the most followed Twitch streamers list. His YouTube channel has 2.63 million subscribers and the highest viewership.

Nightblue3 is associated with Captain Sparklez as a top ten most followed Twitch live streamer. Although, he is considered one of the top male Twitch streamers.

Personal Information of Nightblue3

Rabia Yezbek is an American Twitch streamer. His ethnicity is originated from Lebonon. Thus, Rabia has a private life, doesn’t share personal information on public platforms. His streaming career is going pretty well since he started. Moreover, Rabia owns a music channel named Nightblue Music.

Rabia generates a leading presence in his online platforms. Moreover, he loves to watch Anime. Moreover, Rabia maintained his exercise routine on a regular basis and he is quite specific about his life plans.

Games of Nightblue3

Nightblue3 began his streaming career playing League of Legends. His gaming contents are quite helpful for newbie gamers. Twitch followers noticed him after uploading elo season 2 streams on his channel. Moreover, he received the challenges in the 3rd season and ranked 5v5. He often streams for Bloons TD 6, Phasmophobia, Just Chatting, Goat Simulator, Among Us, Cyberpunk 2077, and other games as well.

States of Nightblue3

Nightblue3 has around 3,000 subscribers on Twitch. His average viewership is 7,399. Although, he has a peak viewership of 66,407. Thus, He streams for 149 hours live in a month on average.

Income of Nightblue3

The estimated net worth is $1.1 million USD. However, he earns $10,500 USD monthly. The sponsorships, tiered sponsorships, Twitch cheer bit donations, advertisements, and tips added more to his monthly income.


  • Accomplished the challenge in the 3rd season of 5v5.
  • Ranked 3rd in the solo Queue 3rd
  • Listed into the top 10 most followed and viewed Twitch streamers.


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