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I'm a professional videogame idiot from Spain. I enjoy challenging myself, goofing around and making friends.

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Story of OTZDARVA:

OTZDARVA started to make gaming videos in late 2013. In the beginning, he didn’t even have any stable internet connection. He got into the streaming after getting a steady internet connection. And started to create content professionally after his college life. He managed Twitch Partnership. He chose to take video making and streaming as a full-time career over his part-time job.

Personal Information of OTZDARVA:

He is quiet about his relationships and personal life. He learned the English language in his school. Later, he upgraded his knowledge by playing English games and watching movies. He used to practice English with his friends. He started to stream in English because he wanted to make friends and fanbase all over the world.

States of OTZDARVA:

He streams for few hours every day except Thursday and Friday. He has almost 3000 subscribers with over 2000 average viewership. As per statistics, he earns $10,500 USD monthly. He also earns from sponsorships, tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit donations, merchandise sales, and advertisements.

Games of OTZDARVA:

He begins with his first YouTube channel with the Dark Souls content in 2013. He created numerous contents of Dark Souls for many years. However, he used to make Dead by Daylight gaming content. He started his Twitch journey in July 2015. Later on, he was partnered with Twitch in 2016. He built his follower base; he transferred his focus to PUBG in 2017.

Otzdarva comes from the character of a Lynx pilot in Armored Core. His avatar is a smiley face inside a Knight Helm. He used his character in the Dark Souls. The part of the smiley face of his avatar is covered with blood. He met AlbinoVEVO after starting his first official YouTube channel. He used to have a subscribe back policy until he got 1k subscribers. AlbinoVEVO was one of his subscribers. Furthermore, they started to talk and bonded with each other. They both became content co-creators.

Interesting facts about OTZDARVA:

He studied Psychology. Moreover, he used to work as a 911 emergency operator before he started streaming on Twitch. He is a big fan of Korean movies and loves to listen to instrumental music.