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Quin69 is a gaming streamer on twitch. He has been streaming on twitch since 2014. Currently he has got over 552k followers on twitch. He is a twitch partner and a pretty famous streamer as well. His real name is Quintin Crawford. Apart from gaming he is trained in skydiving.

History of Quin69

Quintin was born on 25th September, 1990 in New Zealand. He is one of the most popular Kiwi streamers till date. And gained most of his popularity through games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. He streams all types of games in general.

Quin69 has been gaming from his childhood. But he never planned to be a streamer or gamer in the first place. Before he began his streaming career, he used to work as a meter reader. After doing that job for a while he found it difficult to continue with that. Eventually, he lost his job in 2014. Then he thought of doing something with the gaming line. Because he didn’t want to be unemployed and he enjoyed gaming.

In 2013 he had taken a skydiving course. So, in the beginning of his streaming career he also taught sky diving on a part-time basis. He got lucky with both of these. His fan following started growing rapidly ever since. This eventually made him one of the richest streamers from New Zealand.

Personal information of Quin 69

He doesn’t make his personal life available to people much. He keeps it really private. But according to various sources he has two daughters with his fiancé. He also has a younger sister. His net worth till date is about 1 to 3 million dollars.

You can get a glimpse of his work and life through his social media handles. You can check them out.

Stats of Quin69

He has been streaming for about 6 years now and gained quite a lot of popularity. His average broadcast time is about 9 hours. He has a total of 12,000 plus streaming hours on his channel. Usually, his daily viewers go around 4000 to 4500. His peak viewers count is 38,339. Currently, he has a total active sub count of 5761.

Games of Quin69

He has played a lot of games within this 6-year span. The most played game in his channel is World of Warcraft. Other than that, he has a pretty good profile on Path of Exile. Quin69 Poe profile is something you can definitely check out.

There are some other popular games that he has played over the years. Such as Diablo 3, Lost Ark, Minecraft, Dark Souls 1,2 and 3, Final Fantasy, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and many more. You can go through Quin69 YouTube to see some of his gameplays. Also, he has guides for building characters on games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. Quin69 monk build is a popular character build on diablo 3. So, if you are interested you can check that out too.

Interesting fact about Quin69

He doesn’t have much controversy except one. He was banned from twitch because of streaming the Blizz opening ceremony. His Path of Exile profile also got banned once because of showing a website.


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