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: I'm an ex league of legends pro mid laner turned streamer. Also fps prodigy.

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Offline Tv    Counter Logic Gaming    Delta Fox    Team Dignitas   




Houston, Texas.




Genshin Impact    League of Legends    Teamfight Tactics    VALORANT    Variety   

Career of Scarra

Scarra started to play in his childhood. Moreover, he set his username ‘scarred4lyfe’ in his middle school. Later, he wanted to change it to a short name and easy to catch attention. Finally, he decided to set up his username ‘Scarra’.

Initially, he played League of Legends when it was released. Several top-tier gamers were sending friend requests to him. Because he was playing with excellence. Scarra is a professional World of Warcraft player. Therefore, he along with samtheham, Voyboy, Araragi, and Naryt created a team to participate in the Newegg Winter Winfest tournament of 2010. They even won against the team called ‘Counter Logic Gaming’ but they didn’t win the tournament trophy in the end. He was a former member of the following teams- Team Dignitas; Delta Fox; Counter Logic Gaming; and Rock Solid.

Furthermore, Scarra decided to participate in different competitions. Then, he began streaming on Twitch in 2012. But, Scarra started to concentrate on full-time streaming in 2014. Thus, he often competes in tournaments with Michael Santana as known as Imaqtpie. Scarra formed the house to live with streamers and work for more unique contents in 2017. His manager Chris Chan helped him to create the team named Offline. Tv. They streamed with many IRL contents with the team. Besides, he collaborated with Pokimane, Yoona, and other streamers. Scarra is one of the top Twitch streamers of 2021.

Real-life of Scarra

William Jimmy Li belongs to Chinese ethnicity. Thus, he was interested in video games from an early age. Moreover, Jimmy loves to read fan-fiction, and manga novels. He chose to be a streamer and his parents supported him wholeheartedly. Jimmy always worked to exploring his gaming skills.


Scarra played League of Legends and World of Warcraft at the beginning. Furthermore, he streams Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, Path of Exile, Auto Chess, Genshin Impact, Magic: The Gathering, Heroes of Storm, Apex Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Monster Hunter: World, Eternal Return: Black Survival, IRL, Dota 2, Rust, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us.


Scarra has 4,469 average viewers and 27,421 peak viewers on Twitch. Besides, he has also 1,567 subscribers including 629 prime, 812 tier 1,4 tier 2, and 11 tier 3 subscribers.

Net Worth

He earns almost $12,600 USD from his Twitch subscribers. Scarra also earns more money from tiered subscriptions, Twitch cheer bit, donations, offline.tv, advertisements, and brand sponsorships. His estimated net worth is $1 million.

Streaming hours

Everyday- 2 pm PST


  • IGN Pro League Season 3– 2011 (winner).
  • com Curse Invitational – Finals– 2012 (winner).
  • SoloMid NA Invitational 5– 2012 (winner).
  • IPL Elites – North America– 2012 (winner).
  • NA LCS Summer Playoffs – Show match– 2018 (winner).



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MULTIPLAYER GAMES ft. Masayoshi | OfflineTV Podcast #38 link.


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