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Wtf do i write here? Click my stream, or i scream.

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Northern Gaming Company   




Austin, Texas, United States




World of Warcraft    Dead by Daylight    Warcraft III    Overwatch    Grand Theft Auto V   

Story of Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin started his streaming career with a YouTube video titled ‘Sodapoppin playing Amnesia 2’ in April of 2012. After a while, he switched to stream World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is one of the famous games. Sodapoppin started to stream on ‘Xfire’, and then he moved to Justin. tv. When he came to know about Twitch, he opened a Twitch account. Sodapoppin owns an eSports team Northern Gaming Company.

Sodapoppin collaborated with his fellow Twitch streamers like Sky Williams, Kaceytron, and Rectful. One of his videos featured Mia Khalifa as well. Moreover, he is also popular for online gambling. Sodapoppin plays on several casino websites.

However, he engaged his audience with his excellent gameplay of World of Warcraft. Sodapoppin often unboxes his sponsored packages and fan’s gifts on the live streams. He is one of the top 15 male Twitch streamers. His YouTube channel has 1.09 million subscribers.

Personal Information of Sodapoppin

Thomas Morris is born in Texas. He brought up a wonderful and wealthy family. Thus, he spent a mesmerizing childhood with his siblings. His parents are kind-hearted. They adopt some of their children to give them love and shelter. Thomas is the youngest one among his siblings. He has a pet dog in his house.

Moreover, Thomas was a dedicated student in his school till higher education. Then, he chose to be a full-time streamer due to his love for gaming. Initially, his parents did not felt happy about the decision. But then, he proved himself in gaming platforms. Thomas attended some of the charity events of Twitch.

Nevertheless, Thomas dated his fellow streamer Lea May Currier aka LegendaryLea once. Their couple pictures got massive attention from their followers. But, they ended up having bad terms between them.


Sodapoppin initially began in gaming by playing World of Warcraft. Later, he played various games like IRL, Dead by Deadlight, Warcraft III, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto V, Risk of Rain, and more  1200+ games from 21 December 2017 to date.

While he was busy with online gambling, lost some followers and viewers. He is a professional World of Warcraft player. Sodapoppin gained all his followers and viewers again by playing World of Warcraft.


Sodapoppin has 9,949 Twitch subscribers. His average viewership is 21,244 and his peak viewership is 43,477 with 348,475,506 views. He streams for 49 hours in a week.

Income of Sodapoppin

The estimated net worth is $8 million USD. However, he earns $600 USD per day and $220,000 in a year. His main earning source is Twitch and YouTube.



“I made fun of a lot of the players because they skipped Christmas to grind Rank 14, and I mailed them coal.”


  • Awarded for “Best Streamer of the Year
  • Ranked as the 5th most viewed channel
  • Ranked 8th for the most followers on Twitch


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