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I'm a variety streamer(kind of). Been streaming 8 years(another number to change every year).I'm 100% better than you at shooting and puzzle games.@summit1g via Twitter.

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Story of Summit1g

Summit1g is a renowned streamer. He has been into many gaming teams to date. When his father found out that gaming isn’t hampering his studies, he bought him a new pc. He was able to play Counter-Strike properly this time.

After seeing his success on Owned he moved to twitch later on. Jaryd was looking for some names. Then, he thought of Summit. But it was already taken. So, Jaryd added 1g with the summit. Thus, he named his channel Summit1g. In his personal opinion, he says that not sticking to a particular game such as counter-strike has brought him success in streaming. Jaryd chose the gaming and streaming career over his call representative job.

Summit1g is known to be a streamer rather than a professional gamer. He hasn’t been in the professional gaming scene that much. He collaborates with famous brands like Monster Energy and Corsair.

Personal Information And Summit1g Girlfriends

Jaryd is a decent looking streamer. He has a round face, dark brown eyes, and short brown hair. Jaryd often dressed up with a basketball cap. Although Jaryd is open about his relationship and he has a girlfriend. Jaryd loves to watch anime. His brother Jacob is also a streamer of the Kite61 Twitch channel. Jaryd is a dog lover and he got three dogs named Abby, Oreo. and Ellie. In spite of having many controversies, he is one of the top male Twitch streamers.

Summit1g Games

Gaming has always been a part of Summit1g’s life. He started gaming on consoles in his childhood. Back then he used to enjoy playing games like Joe Montana Football or Final Fantasy. It wasn’t much passionate he just played to pass his leisure time.

However, Jaryd discovered his passion for and interest in gaming as a teenager. The fascination started from seeing other players playing CS on PC’s while he went to buy Pokémon cards. But it wasn’t that easy for him to start playing the game in his home.

First of all, his parents allowed him to play games only two hours a day. And back then his internet speed wasn’t enough to play Counter-Strike with optimal settings. But he somehow managed to play the game in sniper mode. This eventually led him to become one of the best snipers in the game.

He tries to play various types of games like The War Z, Player unknown’s Battlegrounds, Sea of Thieves, Valorant all the time. Although CS is his favorite game of all time and he really enjoys playing it.

States of Summit1g

Summit1g has around 18,800 subscribers,25,180 of an average viewership, and 5.7M followers on Twitch.

The income of Summit1g

Summit1g earns $65,800 USD monthly. Sponsorship, subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit donations, merchandise sales, and advertisements also added to his monthly income.

Streaming hours:

No exact schedule. He streams for 2-14 hours straight.


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